The Reproductive Sociology Research Group supports research and teaching on the social and cultural implications of new reproductive technologies.

ReproSoc is led by Professor Sarah Franklin at the University of Cambridge.

A New Year Poem for ReproSoc 2016

A New Year Poem for ReproSoc 2016

Written and performed by Puff Dolly, the Sheep Poet - available to download as a PDF.


First bred in sociology,

ReproSoc began as three.

No sheep were there,

It's only fair,

To mention,retrospectively.


That said, there was a sheepish cast,

To something born

So quick and fast

Not unlike a winter ewe

Joyful, buoyant,lustrous too.


At first among the tiny flock,

We all took to stripy socks

We launched our books

And found our nook

In G8, where we sang a lot.


We ran events and got more staff,

Got stuck in to toil and graft,

Found our Logo

(Yes, an embryo!)

Took selfies for our photo mast.


Now it’s three years hence and lo,

ReproSoc knows how to grow!

We are twenty going strong

Still Sheepish,

And still singing songs.


As the New Year finds its feet,

(Yes, like a wily mountain sheep),

Our path is set,

Our way is clear,

To write, and share -- and then retweet

To work, and sing - and then to eat!

To post, to read, to talk, to think,

To wonder where we’re going next,

To make our blog the very best!


Here’s to stripy socks and reproShop,

And ReProSess and ReproDoc,

And ReproCaliFrastic Tea!

And Soc 10, Dept Soc, HSS Faculty!

Here’s to ReproFuturity!


Happy 2016 Reprosockers!

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